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January, 9, 2014 AT 8:22 AM

The exact same problem as on this page:

I recently bought a 1998 Ford Taurus with the Duratec 200 h.p. engine. As I was driving the " overdrive " light started flashing, and the speedometer dropped to "zero" for a few seconds and then started working intermittently. The transmission then felt like it slipped into "neutral" for a few seconds and revved up to 3500 rpm's. A second or so later the car slipped back into gear. I brought the car to my mechanic and he said the problem was caused by a faulty speed sensor. He replaced the sensor and for a few hours everything was fine. The next day the same problem with my speedometer and transmission started all over again, only this time the "overdrive " light did not flash. I went back to my mechanic and he said nothing was showing up on his diagnostic test. He referred me to a transmission specialist who also ran diagnostics and said nothing was showing up. He suggested that maybe the problem was that the transmission was heating up due to a clogged or cracked transmission filter and that I should replace both , even though both mechanics said the fluid looked fine. Desperate, and running out of money, I changed the transmission fluid and filter . The same problems still kept happening with the transmission and speedometer. About a week later , the "overdrive " light started blinking along with the transmission and speedometer problems, only this time the "overdrive " light would only stay on for about a minute and then turn off : however the transmission continues to feel like it is slipping for a few seconds as it revs up to about 3500 r.p.m.s and the speedometer fails for a short time over and over.


Erratic Speedometer




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January, 10, 2014 AT 7:42 AM

This cold be your problem but until it throws a code or you want to go further with it then have a trans gu actuatlly take valve body out and see if ther eis problem there otherwise it maynot be enough to throw a code or stop from doing what it is.
Stuck converter regulator valve
Stuck solenoid regulator valve
Stuck bypass clutch control valve
Stuck pressure failsafe valve
Pump bore ring groove depth incorrect
Worn pump shaft or damaged pump shaft seals
Pump shaft internal sleeve loose (rattles)
Turbine shaft seals damaged or missing
Incorrect Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) solenoid
TCC solenoid mechanically stuck or electrically inop
Damaged internal wiring harness
Incorrect gear ratio (wrong sprockets)
Damaged or worn stator support
Worn torque converter hub bushing
Torque converter clutch worn or damaged



January, 10, 2014 AT 8:09 AM

I'm pretty sure the only code thrown was the faulty speed sensor but I will ask. Thank you

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