Instructions for replacing antenna, including.

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Instructions for replacing antenna, including plastic "gear" line. Have part. Does the old antenna simply pull out? Does it take more than one person for the procedure? I have rough diagram from Ford parts department for that area of vehicle, but no instructions were available. Thank you!

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TE: A power antenna mast which is bent or broken can be replaced without replacing the automatic power electric antenna (18850) .


1. Remove radio antenna nut (18865) and radio antenna stanchion (18919) .

2. Turn on radio and let mast run out of tube. Note direction of teeth on plastic drive wire.


1. With the teeth on plastic drive wire facing toward motor on antenna, push end of plastic drive wire of radio antenna mast (18A886) assembly down into tube. Push it around curve at bottom of
tube until end enters drive mechanism.

2. Turn off radio and let mast pull into tube.

3. Slide radio antenna stanchion and radio antenna nut down antenna mast. Tighten radio antenna nut to 5.9 8.1 Nm (53 71 lb in).

4. Raise and lower antenna several times to verify proper operation.

Lead In Cable, Radio Antenna


1. On sedan, open luggage compartment door and remove LH trim panel. On wagon, remove cover and spare tire.

2. Remove radio antenna lead in cable (18812) from electric antenna (18850) or radio antenna base and cable (18A984) and rear chassis unit.


1. Follow removal procedure in reverse order.

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