Bi-fuel truck (gasoline/propane) will not switch.

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  • 1998 FORD F-250
  • 173,000 MILES

Bi-fuel truck (gasoline/propane) will not switch to propane. Tank full, valve open, switch to gasoline or propane makes no difference. Truck only pulls fuel from gasoline tank. There are several fuses that all seem good, don't know if it has a propane pump or filter but red(gasoline)or green(propane)lights on switch do not light. I have the owners manuals including one concerning the propane system exclusivly and it says take to the Ford dealer for any repairs/maintanance or modification. This could be a simple fix or more than trucks worth but would be neat to run it on propane if things stopped the oil from mid-east.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 AT 12:56 AM

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