Car starts in high idle every morning but comes.

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  • 1998 FORD ESCORT
  • 81,000 MILES

Car starts in high idle every morning but comes down. In very cold weather and when it's wet outside car will kick into high idle. Tonight it was in the 20's and we had to stop the car 6 times and restart it to get it out of high idle. It also seems to go into high sometimes when we turn the heater on. It's not over heating or leaking anything. We've had the IAC replaced 3 times. It would work good for a few days then went back to the way it's been. No one around here can seem to fix our problem. And we're told unless it's in high idle when we bring it to the mechanic they'll have no way of finding the problem? Not getting a check engine light either. I can tell you that the air conditioner does not work and when this first started we unplugged our cruise control because we thought that was the problem. Read that when this particular car came out their was some issue with the cruise control and cars going into cruise by themselves.

Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 1:41 AM

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