1998 Dodge Intrepid



April, 8, 2011 AT 10:01 PM

Have a 98 dodge intrepid 2.7L and I had a guy come over to help me replace the water pump and timing chain. After we took the timing chain off and replaced the water pump I noticed that he rotated each of the camshaft sprockets individually a number or times. It was rotating hard with a pop and clank type noise. I told him to stop. I got the new chain back on with all the marks on the chain and sprockets lined up according to the manual but now my question is "is there valve damage done since each sprocket was moved individually? And if so how do I check? And also need to know is do the timing chains on the camshafts need to be lined up a certain way?

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April, 8, 2011 AT 10:26 PM

Yes he could have done damage to the valves if any pistons were at TDC when he rotated the cams. Just get it back together and see if it runs normally

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