As I was driving on the highway one day it the.

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As I was driving on the highway one day it the car just died on me. Waited a couple mins and it restarted. They next day it did the same thing but this time it would not start. So my friend pulled me off to the side of the road. He opened the hood and did something to start it. But occassionally when I will try to start it it makes a funny noise, like a loud squeaking noise like it is trying really hard to start.

Replaced the engine at 81,000, (now 92,000) new starter, new spark plugs, new battery, new timing belt, new radiator, new air compressor. Tested alternator. Friend is telling me its either the fuel pump( but I hear it when turning the key on) or crank shaft cam shaft. If car has been sitting for a while it starts up right away. It only does it when driving in it for 40 mins or so. Help

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 AT 2:49 AM

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