Recently had an auto mechanic replace the fuel.

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Recently had an auto mechanic replace the fuel injection pump on my 1998 Chevy diesel pick up 2500 silverado. When I picked up the truck from the shop it had a subtle knocking noise I had never noticed. Two days later the truck cut out while driving. I took it back to the original mechanic and he told me the front crankshield seal had blown and all the oil leaked out. There was never an oil leak in this vehicle before, nor was their a knocking noise. Mechanic now tells me there is alot of metal shavings in the oil and that I need a new engine. My question is could they have blown the seal while repairing the fuel injection pump. Another side note they told me the truck had the wrong size glow plugs. Evidently it had 6 volt plugs instead of the required 12 volt plugs. I quickly informed them that they had installed the plugs a year earlier. They replaced the plugs at no charge while replacing the fuel injection pump. It seems fishy that my truck blows a seal while in their care and they refuse to take responsibility.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 AT 6:29 PM

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