In june my car was running poorly

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In june my car was running poorly. Some symptoms was feeling like it was going to stall. Loss of power on hill and a loud noise. But over all it ran poorely. In june our mechanic replaced number1 coil. And number 4 coil. And checked plugs. Now im having the same probls and a new cadillac mechanic says needs an ignition module and an oil pressure switch. My question is do you think the first guys screwed up with only doing those 2 coils? And is this going to cost me more in the long run? Cause they are the one who told me to go to the cadillac mechanic. Im afraid they may have screwed up. Who should I take it back to the original guy who did the two coils or the new mechanic saying I need ignition module? Thank you for your help. Btw he says he wants to order the part off ebay since it will be like 400. What do you think of that as well? Sorry for all the questions. I apreash your help. Diane

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Friday, December 28th, 2012 AT 3:57 AM

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