I would like to ask, how to remove the rear.


I would like to ask, how to remove the rear wheel bearing in 1997 toyota camry. Do you have the step by step procedure. Its ABS and we dont know how to remove the ABS contact gear.

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Remove rear wheel. [Torque: 103 Nm (76 ft. Lbs.) ].
Remove brake caliper and disc (w/ DISC BRAKE).

Remove the brake caliper and disc. [Torque: 47 Nm (34 ft. Lbs.) ].
Support the brake caliper securely.

Remove brake drum (w/ DRUM BRAKE).

Check bearing backlash and axle hub deviation.

Using a dial indicator near the center of the axle hub and check the backlash in the bearing shaft direction.

Maximum: 0.05 mm (0.0020 inch).

NOTE: If the backlash exceeds the maximum, replace the axle hub with the bearing.

Using a dial indicator, check the deviation at the surface of the axle hub outside the hub bolt.

Maximum: 0.07 mm (0.0028 inch).

NOTE: If the deviation exceeds the maximum, replace the axle hub with the bearing.

Remove rear axle hub.

Remove the 4 bolts and rear axle hub. [Torque: 80 Nm (59 ft. Lbs.) ].
Remove the O-ring.

Installation Note: Coat a new O-ring with MP grease.

Remove the bolt, and disconnect the flexible hose bracket from the shock absorber (w/ DRUM BRAKE). [Torque: 29 Nm (22 ft. Lbs.) ].
Support the backing plate securely.

Remove ABS speed sensor (w/ ABS). [Torque: 7.8 Nm (69 inch lbs.) ].
Remove rear axle carrier.

Loosen the 3 nuts. [Torque:

Nut A:
Reused nut: 196 Nm (145 ft. Lbs.).
New nut: 255 Nm (188 ft. Lbs.).
Nut B: 181 Nm (134 ft. Lbs.) ].

Installation Note:

After stabilizing the suspension, torque the nuts.
If reusing-the 2 nuts, coat the nut's threads with engine oil.

Remove the bolt and nut, and disconnect the strut rod from the rear axle carrier. [Torque: 113 Nm (83 ft. Lbs.) ].

CAUTION: When removing/installing bolt, stop the nut from rotating and loosen/torque the bolt.

Remove the 2 nuts and bolts on the lower side of the shock absorber.
Remove the nut, bolt and No.2 lower suspension arm.
Remove the rear axle carrier.

Install in reverse order of removal, noting the torque specifications in brackets [ ].
After installation, check the ABS speed sensor signal (ABS equipped) and rear wheel alignment.

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