1997 Toyota Camry



July, 6, 2013 AT 1:51 PM

Dear all,
Hi am having several mechanical issues with my car lately. Let me describe them one by one.
1. Car is vibrating a lot just after start, no matter what the speed it's running. The steering wheel is shaking my arms like if you feel your hands like when you drill something heavy with a mechanical driller. It started couple of months ago and getting worse (shaking more and more). I was told that I needed new tires about 6 months ago but I never changed them yet. Could that be the problem? Or something more serious?
2. If the car is hot or starting after sometime it was parked under sun I see no odometer reading (totally blank) plus the speedometer during this times get back to zero position although the car is running. Now, sometimes these both things happen during normal runs (all of a sudden I see odometer goes blank and can't find my speed as the needle is back to zero) and just when it starts happening during normal runs I experience that the car resists to go forward for couple of seconds. It's weird as no matter how hard I push the accelerator for those few seconds it sluggish-es and eventually picks up the speed but without any odometer and speedometer readings.
3. My AC was super cold before, but just after last winter, the first time I tried the AC, I experienced that it's not cooling the car anymore. So, air conditioning stopped working as well.
I went to Firestone and told them these issues so that I can have a check on my car but they couldn't look at it today but got an appointment next week. If someone here can figure out atleast something from this post (I know this is not easy) I just need to know what could be the potential problems and how much cost is associated with this as I'm almost broke at this point.
Thanks so much for your time in advance!

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July, 6, 2013 AT 1:58 PM

BTW: The engine light is on for sometime as well.



July, 7, 2013 AT 4:11 AM

The vibration is mainly caused by bad engine mounts and most probably you need to have them replaced. The engine could also be misfiring which increases the vibration. Tires do not cause vibrations when vehicle is started.

You have a fault with the meter cluster and it seems to intermittently losing connection with one of its circuits. When the speedometer stops working, the engine computer would not know what speed it is travelling and this would affect the transmission control.

For the A/C, you need to have it tested. If the freon pressure is low, you could have a leak somewhere in system and that needs to be rectified before it would work. If there is any leaks, attempting to refill the freon would only work unitl it leaks off again and not what I would suggest.

You need a scan to retrieve the trouble codes to find out what is triggering the MIL. It should be related to what you are experiencing.

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