Hello, I have a 97 Impreza Outback sport 2

  • 170,000 MILES

Hello, I have a 97 impreza outback sport 2.2. For the most part the car runs good. But, sometimes it will start and run as if it is real flat, the throttle has to be feathered in an effort to keep it going. Sometimes this works, others it does not. When it it does work correctly, after you start driving, the tach will drop about 500-1000 rpm, and the throttle has no effect. At times this will clear up after bucking, and drive fine, other times it will stall, and sometimes the AT oil temp light will flash. If you put the car in neutral, and try to restart, sometimes it will start right back up and off you go. Yet other times you have to let it sit a few minutes, before it will start. It has stalled out at 70 MPH, in turns, and it has mostly stalled in intersections, and at stops. Sometimes when you come to a stop, without any indication it will just quit, and the dash lights will come on. I have done the following. New fuel filter, new fuel lines at the fuel filter. New wires. All new vac hoses. Cleaned throttle body twice. Pulled and cleaned egr. Pulled and checked and cleaned IAC. Replaced coolant temp sensor, replaced back pressure transducer for egr. New plugs. Followed repair manual for sensor checks and tests with ohm meter for Maf, map, crank sensor and can sensor. Removed the can and crank sensors and put in hot water to see if high temp was causing an open condition, they tested OK. Back probed IAC as well. Replaced air filter, pcv and hoses. Checked fuel pressure, OK, steady 27#'s. Checked fuel pressure regulater seems OK. Checked the coil with a meter as discribed in the Haynes Manuel, and came up with the following results. The book states that the readings should be as follows. Diamond unit primary resistance should be 0.62 to 0.76 ohms. Secondary resistance should be 17.9 to 24.5 k-ohms. What I got was, primary 40.14 k-ohms, secondary 13.13 k-ohms. I'm not sure if the Haynes Manuel is correct, and that the high resistance readings are my issue. Bad coil? Note, also probed and tested tps and found that it works as the book states while testing, except for when you get to almost wide open throttle, the meter will show OL for just a sec, before going back to 4+. Problem here as well? What's left here? Egr solinoid? Map sensor pressure solinoid? Help, I'm chasing my tail on this one, and a note, there are no codes showing on the obd ll.

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 AT 9:00 PM

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