Guys I don't know if you can help I will give.

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  • 1997 ROVER 2 SERIES
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Hi guys I don't know if you can help I will give as much detail as poss. Well here goes a few days ago my brother in law was taking my sis to work in the morning when he dropped her off he knocked the car off he then started it up with no probs but when he put the head lights on the car stalled he started it again and got it home when he told me about it I went and started it and when I put the headlights on it stalled again. And so I restarted it this time with the lights on and she started but this time my bro in law was behind me and said that my brake lights came on then went out so I checked the fuse and it had blown changed it it all seem ok so took the car out to go shopping parked up and went shopping got back to the car went to start it and the immobilizer wouldnt turn off so with a nagging feeling I opened the boot to see if it was aa fault with the wireing back there as it seems to have been an interuption of the brake lights again and don ask why but I played with the rubber grommit at the top of the hatch by the hinge and the boot warning lamp was flickering on and off so pulled back the grommit to reveal the wires and lo and behold they had been botched together with red tape and it had come apart and was melting so I stripped them back and re attached them but no I still cant get it started and have been told that my immobilizer is stuck on the fob wont work even with a new battery and the emergency key access code wont work either. I have been told that I am looking at a new ecu and re coding and was just wondering if any one could give me an idea as to the cost of this plus I will have to have the boot wires re wired so with this in mind is it worth it or should I scrap her. Thanks in advance for any help

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Thursday, November 1st, 2012 AT 3:51 PM

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