Ok, I have few problems with this car that I.

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Ok, I have few problems with this car that I need help with.

First is, my heat seems to blow out the defrost and floor vents regardless of the setting. Mostly out of the floor vents. I've gone around and checked the vacuum lines under the hood the best I could, even replaced a couple of them because they looked like they were going. The rubber was all crumbly. Have not checked the actual control knob yet to see if that's the issue.

Second, I have a SES light on. I forget the code, it was P0440 or P0441 or P0442. Pretty sure it's P0441 but I would have to go and read the code again to be sure. As I said I went and checked all the vacuum lines under the hood the best I could. I've gotten a smoke test for the evap system and the smoke would just pour out the charcoal canister. I've replaced the gas cap, the charcoal canister, and the purge control/vent(which ever is on the front of the motor above the valve cover and near the coil pack, not the one above the read valve cover). I've disconnected the evap lines from the canister and on the motor end and blew air from a compressor from the line by the motor to make sure there was no charcoal stuck in the line, as when I changed it it sounded like the charcoal in the canister was broken up and loose.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Third, I noticed that after it rains, when I get in the car and take off some water will come out from the area behind the glove box. As far as I can gather the water gets in and pools somewhere behind the glove box and when I take off it spills out. I dunno if this is just an improperly installed windshield or what.

Monday, January 14th, 2013 AT 6:34 PM

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