My car was stalling suddenly and at irregular.

  • 1997 OPEL CORSA
  • 330,000 MILES

My car was stalling suddenly and at irregular intervals over a long period of time when I stop at a toll booth or traffic light. It happened 3 times over a month period and I drive a lot--the last month it started to do it more regularly during the last month -- so I took it to a mechanic who suggested we change the petrol relay ( since the old one was too hot when he checked it ) so we changed the relay but the car continued to do it ---then he said we should change the petrol pump--- we did after first buying the wrong one---since then it doesn't stall anymore but the car hesitate when I accelerate and it sputters --BUT it doesn't do this when I first drive it in the morning then its ok for the first few kilometers ---when it gets warm it starts to hesitate and sputter ( not too much ) when I accelerate ! So I changed the plugs and gave it a service ---air, oil, petrol filter---didn't help ! Then back to the mechanic who said my petrol return valve system system is not letting any fuel back----so we changed that then after that a we replaced a sensor valve for air--still it's not getting better ! The mechanic thinks I should change my exhaust to a freeflow --- but I doubt is this is the problem---I suspect the fuel-pump is wrong for my car or wasn't put in right because it was only after replacing that and the relay that this hesitating and sputtering began ! I drive a Corsa Opel 13 hundred 1997 - 1998 model in South Africa ! I don't know what make this is in America ! Hope you can help !
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Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 9:27 PM

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