97 Aurora wont turn

  • V8
  • FWD
  • 250,000 MILES

97 aurora with 250000 miles burns and leaks oil, but I keep oil and lucas in it and it still runs strong. Leaks power steering fluid, but again I keep it full, and nothing but an occasional whining. Leaks coolant, every 3-6 months I run some stop leak and its good for another 3-6 months, till it puddles under the car again. Can't locate the leak as it is impossible to see anything in that engine compartment, and can't afford to start replacing parts without being absolutely sure. That's the background, now here's the problem.2 weeks ago coolant puddled under the car, and leading up to that incident it has been leaking ps fluid at a much faster rate(fill up every 2-3days#.A day or 2 before the coolant puddle it started making a horrible metallic grinding/screeching noise on start up #sound like a choking goose#. Definetly mechanical like a bearing, or pully, or maybe something worse. You could tell that it had trouble turning, until it started, then the noise would go away, and it ran fine. I changed the oil #fearing a head gasket prob) no water in the oil. Put some lucas in. Started it, again the noise, then it faded like always. Put some stop leak in the coolant, started again, same noise then fade, turned the heat on high, wich produced the noise again(first time it ever made the noise while running#, but still it faded out. As it sat running for 25 min this noise would come and go while the heat was on, but no heat= no noise.2 days later no start just click like bad starter or ground. Checked all grounds, cleaned them charged battery. Batt is good. Went to hit starter with hammer to see if it would go. Couldn't find starter, so banged around randomly on bottom of engine. It started while my friend banged and I turned key. Again with the noise. Replaced started #found out it was in intake). Starter not the problem, new starter has more juice, u can hear it trying to turn. Ocasionaly it'l rotate a little, but not enough to crank. Something mechanical is providing too much resistance for the starter, banging on it seems to get it moving enough to start, but once running the noise goes away? Has to be the water pump right? Please help

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Thursday, July 7th, 2011 AT 11:26 PM

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