I have a 1997 Nissan Pickup (4 cylander 5 speed.

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I have a 1997 nissan pickup (4 cylander 5 speed) truck. It seems to have a bit of trouble staying idle. The rpms will go up and down for a while then it will idle back to normal. The big problem when my check engin light came on. The light came on and whent off for about 2 days then my truck died. I jump started it and had my battery checked (it was fine). My brother ( also my mechanic) said it was the radio. It would stay lit up when the truck was off, so we put in a new radio. Directly after that we jump started my truck again and every thing was very dim(we did this at night) he followed me home and on the highway my truck puttered and the lights got super dim my speedometer was flipping out then all of my lights on the dash flipped out and then my truck died we rolled into a waffle house and parked it. My brother said it was the EGR valve. So the next morning we replaced 2 things one was a egr regulator I think ( it was a small computer looking chip that was located under my air filter) and we also replaced the egr thing itself ( that sucked btw). While we were doing all this we desided it would be good to test the alternator the belt was a little loose any way(it was fine). We then put it all back together. And made sure it was all secure then and drove it around the block. The check engin light was on but the problum seem to be fixed and he left to go back to California. The next morning when I was driving to school my truck seemed to only have problems at 2000 rpms. It felt like I was constantly taking my foot off the gas then accelorating again but only at rpms around 2000. I stoped and gave it a little gas in nutral to get to 2000 rpms and ONLY at 2000 it acted as if I was reving the engin. Also my rpms went back to going crazy when im idle. The idle thing is an on again off again ocurance but the rpms thing at 2000 drives me crazy. The check engin light is still on but the truck runs fine other than that. I dont even have to jump start it any more

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 AT 7:48 PM

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