The other day I got in my Mazda and tried to.

  • 1997 MAZDA B4000
  • 222,000 MILES
The other day I got in my Mazda and tried to engage the clutch but it wouldn't go in then I pumped it a few times and it just dropped to the floor and the clutch starts to engage near the floor but is not enough to allow it to engage or disengage. Now the truck wont go into gear when you start it, and if you start it in first it will start to move forward if you rev it up a bit. But when it is first you can let off the clutch (or whats left of it) and it wont stall or do anything. And if you put it in reverse and start the truck it takes off like you revved it up, and dumped it without even touching the gas or clutch. I cannot figure out what the problem is my guess right now it the clutch is gone or it needs to be bleed, if anyone could shed some better knowledge it would be appreciated.
Thursday, November 1st, 2012 AT 1:43 PM

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Check for proper fluid level in clutch master and check for adjustment.
Was this
Thursday, November 1st, 2012 AT 1:46 PM

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