1997 Lincoln Town Car



September, 19, 2010 AT 12:27 PM

Suspension problem
1997 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 133000 miles

This fine auto was obtained by me 5 yrs ago from a limo fleet. Always stored indoors, detailed and waxed, so it looks as new in and out. Very proud of it so far. Just installed the Dorman intake manifold too.
" Ck Air Suspension" light is on.
-Car is below normal ride height now, but not completely out of air yet.
-Compressor is operating w/made to run via relay jump across test.
-Air control module behind glove box tests OK
-Height does not change w/compressor is forced to run.
-I don't want to perform the vent test to see if height lowers as I need to drive the car to work.

Question: Should I disconnect the airline connection @ the compressor and force it to run to ck for air output next?
What would you recommend from this point?
Thanks a bunch. Gary in Louisville, KY.


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September, 19, 2010 AT 12:33 PM

I would check the ride height sensor at the rear, it connects to the rear axle from above the axle, the levers tend to wear at the ball stud on the axle and pop off.



September, 27, 2010 AT 7:57 PM

To figure out whats wrong without a scan tool requires knowing how much time goes by after the ignition is turned on. 5-10 seconds after.45 seconds after.90 seconds after?

BTW, even though your bypassing the relay and making the compressor come on, you still have to either wait for the system to -OR- manually open the solenoids to allow the air to flow into the air springs.



October, 28, 2011 AT 5:42 PM

Just wanted to say that our 1997 Lincoln TC Executive was having issues with the air suspension system. Car would "drop" when it was parked. But would only do this on some occasions - not all the time. We could not locate any leaks in the air lines and eventually opted to just replace the system with an aftermarket spring suspension kit. Car drives very well and no-longer "drops". The only issue is that the message center now displays "Check Air Suspension" - does anyone know how to turn this off or is this something that only a dealer could reprogram? I really don't want to spend money and will just live with it if it is going to cost a lot. Thanks for the forum!

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