1997 Lincoln Continental



February, 23, 2013 AT 4:20 AM

Odd electrical issue. I have driven this car for 50k miles. Two weeks ago my wife told me she saw the battery symbol on the dash "flash" a couple of times while she drove it. A couple of days a go I was on the highway @ 80mph when I heerd a clicking sound that made me think turn signal was on. I slid my hand to the stalk but it was where it should be. That made me glance down and I saw the battery symbol flashing and because I glanced down I saw the climate control unit flashing between current and what it looks like at start up in sync with the the clicking and battery flash.
The clicking sounds like a relay or circut breaker. There was absolutely no odd engine/running performance issue. This lasted maybe 10 seconds and stoppedon it's own. Any clues as to what I should look for/at? The onboard system monitor did not warn of any issues and there is no check engine light on.


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