Problem very high idle, idle cycles from high.

  • 1997 HONDA CIVIC
  • 108,500 MILES
Problem very high idle, idle cycles from high to low and repeats forever when in neutral.
1997 6th generation Civic DX with standard 5 spd transmission no air conditioning.
Inside the throttle body has one round hole towards the fire wall and a rectangular hole facing the engine. When I covered the rectangular hole I felt a very strong vacuum out of the throttle body and the engine idle lowered to what seems like it should be.
What should happen if I cover the round hole?
After reading many posts my best guest is it is the IACV.
Problem 2, need conformation of where the IACV is. I’m 99% sure it on the throttle body on the side facing the engine.
A lot of the older posts say that is it is facing the firewall which give the impression it should be between the throttle body and the firewall. They also say that it is held by 2 or 3 bolts.
However this model seems to be 4 bolts or screws from searching the internet for 1997 DX IACV parts.
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 AT 7:43 AM

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For M/T the IACV should be bolted onto the intake manifold at firewall side and under the throttle body there is the FITV, which should be the most likely cause of your problem.

Show me a picture of the therottle body and I would be able to tell you more and what to do.
Was this
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 AT 2:43 PM

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