I am getting ready to purchase a radiator for my.

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  • 1997 HONDA CIVIC
  • 185,000 MILES

I am getting ready to purchase a radiator for my 1997 Honda Civic LX, std. Trans. I am trying to sift through all the aftermarket brands that are out there: Performance, Spectra, Silla, Napa (carries Ready-Rad or Altrom), and a few others. The Honda dealer wants $300+ for theirs, the others run about $50-$100. All feedback on the aftermarket rads indicates that they range from pure, unadulterated junk, to merely so-so junk. Nothing like my purchase about 15 years ago of a nice Modine for my Volvo 760. Those days are gone, it seems. So, what brand do you recommend, from your experience, that will hopefully give me a decent service life at a reasonable cost?

Thank you for your time!


Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 AT 1:46 AM

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