Geo started stalling out and wouldn't start

  • 1997 GEO METRO
  • 87,500 MILES

Geo started stalling out and wouldn't start. Let it sit for a couple days, then it fired up and drove about 30-45 minutes, stalled out and died. Had it towed back. Changed the battery which had a dead cell, air filter which was pretty dirty, and the fuel filter which was likely somewhat dirty. Started up and ran like a charm for a day and a half. Died again, had it towed back. Day later, it started right up by idled really low. Ran for a bit then died again. Changed the fuel filter (which I vow to NEVER do again). Drove it in circles around the block for about 5 minutes, seemed to work great. Next day, fired right up, no low idle, sounded great. Drove it about 20 miles and it died again. Took the ignition coil and ignition module to Auto Zone and both tested OK. Took the pickup coil off and checked the ohms and it measures a resistance of about 200. Haynes manual says it should test between 140-190 so I doubt that's the problem. I'm at a loss for what to try next. Mechanic friend says the spark plugs would make it die right away OR not start, as opposed to driving until it warms up before dying. ?
I'm a female and I know nothing about cars, so if someone could give me detailed ideas of what to do next, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 AT 5:21 PM

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