1997 Ford Taurus



December, 11, 2010 AT 5:09 PM

I started my car early in the morning to warm up, plenty of time to get started. At 8: 30 am I got in it and went to shift into drive and it rolled like I was in neutral. It did the same thing wheni put it to reverse. So I took the other car to work, and decided to let it sit. I came back around 5: 30 and tried it again. Car starts up beautifully, but aain no shift. Someone suggested a switch or fuse but I wasnt sure if it was reallly that easy. Any ideas? Its a ford taurus 1997 v6.

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December, 17, 2010 AT 11:36 PM

Here are a list of things that can cause the problem indicated.

No Forward & No Reverse Engagement

Check fluid level, drive axles, external and internal shift linkage, low internal pressure, filter or filter seal, valve body (bolt torque, gaskets and separator plate damaged or positioned incorrectly, broken pump shaft, forward control valve, manual valve, springs, main regulator valve, components), oil pump assembly (bolt torque, gaskets damaged or positioned incorrectly, cross leaks, components), support assembly (driven sprocket), forward clutch assembly, low one-way clutch assembly, output shaft splines, turbine shafts, chain, flywheel, front sun gear and shell, planetary gear sets, rear sun gear and race and final drive.

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