Car stalls only at cold start up

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  • 1997 FORD TAURUS
  • 11,600 MILES

Car stalls only at cold start up. Restarts ok but with lower than usual rpms then suddenly jumps up to normal cold start rpm. Sometimes car stalls in reverse and when attempting to restart you have to hold down gas pedal to get it started. Fuel pressure is 34 psi with engine running (18 psi after sitting overnight with key in on position), remove vacuum line from FPR goes to 41 psi. Engine off FP is still 34 psi with no bleed down after 10 minutes, remains the same. New spark plugs and wires, (coil pack original.) New EGR & DPFE. New MAF. New Coolant Temp Sensor. New fuel Filter. New battery. New PCV valve. Holds vacuum- no leaks. New Crankshaft position sensor.
Car runs great in every other aspect, not sluggish, engine has power climbing hills, etc. What am I missing here?

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have the same problem?
Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 AT 4:12 PM

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