97 Ford Explorer XLT

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 20,000 MILES

I got a tuneup yesterday. I got the wires, plugs, oil, n fuel filter all changed and now my cars speedometer, odometer, and cruse control aren't working at all. They worked before, there are no noises like it was a cluster that went out. However there are two things that happened when he changed my plugs n wires, I left after he called stating that my car was ready to be picked up and drove away maybe 2 blocks or so when I noticed that my steering wheel was uncontrollably shaking and my speedometer/odometer/n cruise control weren't working at all, I turned right back around and went to the mechanics shop hoping that he would fix this problem because the problems weren't there before. My ABS light has been on n stuck for years, as well as the check engine one but that was recent, I figured when I got the tune up this would fix the CES one. Long story short when I got back to the shop and asked the man why my car was SUDDENLY doing all this when there was nothing wrong in the first place, he stated he didn't know. He pulled the car in, opened up the hood, and started the car up. As soon as he started it there was a spark from one wire so he of course turned the car off now. When he got out so I could tell him where it was coming from he stated that the wire was split or some thing that basically it was a bad wire. I mind you these were knew and out of the box, every thing was. So he shoulda noticed this and said some thing sooner first off. Then he reached in and there was a wire hanging ( a spark plug wire) that he hadn't plugged in properly. Also, he then fessed up to breaking a hose that goes into a lil box on the side of the engine that there are two hoses coming off of( Im not really sure what this is right off hand.) There was one that apparently melted off the nipple part of the connector piece that goes to the hose and the other he admittedly broke or what have you. He stated that he would pay for half of this part and fix it free of charge. Long story short my speedometer, odometer, and cruise control still aren't working. I took it to have it tested after I had a cousin of mine replace the speed sensor. The car pulled a P0500 code stating the speed senor was bad or the wires had a short. Could this have been caused by the mechanic that I previously seen to do the spark plug change? Does any one know where I can get a wire diagram for my car so I can see if family will fix this for me because now I am broke thanks to all the other items bought n paid for. If this was caused by the mechanic should I and can I do something about this?(Im located in texas by the way) I am very upset. There wasn't anything of this magnitude wrong with my vehicle until I took it to have a tune up and last time I checked this was supposed to make it run better not worse! I know this is alot to gather in one question however I would really appreciate any help that I can get on this matter. However. Yes I did check the fuse box first thing I did and they are good all of them even the ones under the hood used a fuse tester for that by the way. I will look into getting that book however it's a bit of a pain to have to go threw all of this. I called the fellow today to try to get him to fix the problem seeming as I think it was his fault. He stated that he doesn't even know how to fix that, he would ask friends of his to see if he could find something out about it. He also claims it wasn't something he did! My vehicle is a Ford Explorer xlt 97 v6 automatic. Hope this helps you help me! Thanks!

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Monday, February 14th, 2011 AT 1:30 AM

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