1997 Ford Aspire



December, 6, 2012 AT 12:44 AM

Look. This is my last chance here. I am a single father/grandfather. I am desperate. The timing belt broke on my 1997 Aspire. I have replaced it. It ran crappy before. I could not give it gas without the engine taking a nose dive on me. I replaced the TPS, spark plugs, plug wires, fuel pump, fuel filter and air filter, and it still did it. Now the belt breaks. I put another belt on it. I lined the cam gear at 12 / 3 and had the number one piston TDC. It runs worse now. I get no backfire out of the intake nor out of the exhaust, but it definitely acts like it is still out of time. And now it wont start. I am getting fire, but it acts like I got four fouled out spark plugs. Is it possible they fouled when this broke? Is it possible the pistons broke them? Do I have a bent valve? Please advise. Thank you. I swear to you, if I had any money to spare, I'd pay handsomely for an answer. But as it is, this car and getting no help from daughters has made this impossible. Again, thank you.


Piston Broke


Broken Piston


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