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January, 2, 2011 AT 4:47 PM

I recently changed the brake pads for a friend on a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country. The front pads and rear shoes both desperately needed replacement, but I just took care of the front. After the job was done the brakes still didn't work all that well, (pretty poorly, actually) which I figured was a combination of the rears still being worn out and the rotors needing replacement. I told my friend that the van should go to a shop to be looked at and have the rest of the work done ASAP. A few weeks later, she told me that the front brakes needed significant work due to my changing the pads incorrectly. Specifically, I missed a step before compressing the piston, which led to contamination of the brake fluid. I have done disk brakes on a variety of vehicles, both my own and other people's, and have never had an issue. Is there a Chrysler specific method to compressing a brake piston? I used a Disc Brake Pad Piston Compressor and cleaned the brakes using brake cleaner prior to disassembly.

If I messed up, I can deal with that. But I'd rather not pay a $400 repair bill I'm not really responsible for.


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January, 2, 2011 AT 5:53 PM


Ok, I don't know of any step prior to pressing the piston back in other than making sure the cap on master cylinder is loose and that the opposite side is still together. And as long as the system except for the cap on master cylinder wasn't opened then there wouldn't be any contamination of the fluid.

The only thing I see that you should have done was replace the Rotors if they needed to be replaced, cause the pads wouldn't last long with bad rotors.

In my Opinion the Garage saw her coming and when she told them someone else replaced the front pads they saw $$$$$ signs.


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