Chevy express wont start

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Hi I have a 1997 chevy express van wont start.4.3 v6 the van was parked for close to 2 years started every couple months no problem till now. Full charge on new batt turn key gas gauge is pinned past full. Fuel pump no power, runs if I put 12v to control side of fuel pump relay [ changed fuel pump earlyer]no power to egr valve no spark at plugs. Was told could be a passlock problem. I have no sucerty light on dash tryed key on 10 min key off 5 sec ect nothing. All fuses are good in side fues box drivers side kick pannel. Under hood relay center checked all fues ok, cleaned + in box connection to relay center. Checked corroision in, under fues center looks clean, no broken wires. Also put a scanner on could not connect or link. Workes on my other cars ok.I am out of ideas heaaaalp. What would be next step. Sucerty issue, vcm. Were, do you would you check for power have wireing dia hard to tell witch wire and witch plug for power to vcm, ecm bcm ect, I have been at this for 3 weeks, now going to get gas and matches and fix reeal good. Any one who can point me in right direction will truley be the worlds smartest man.A title I used to hold till now, will send plaque and a donation for the right anser. Plaese help, also have same van, year, but gmc running for
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Sunday, September 11th, 2011 AT 11:38 PM

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It sounds like the pcm has failed. You said you verified power to the pcm? There may be more than one fuse that controls the circuits. If there is no voltage to the egr, that is a 12 volt feed fed from an outside source.
Check the fusible links at the starter or by the fuse block. It sounds like you have a power supply issue.
Does the check engine light come on?

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Monday, September 12th, 2011 AT 12:27 AM

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