It does crank, The 97 cav 2

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It does crank, The 97 cav 2.2 I talked about did not have any fire at the coils, all fuses were checked. Tech told me that his first thought was the camshaft position sensor. That was before he checked the car.I read the manual an it said if failure was due to that sensor then the car would run until the ignition was turned off an it died approaching an idle.
The cam sensor was good, we put two different crank sensors in including the one that was in the car already. The computer was good but he wasn't getting a crank signal but the wire that goes to the ignition module was off when checked. He also said that it could be a wire or the problem was inside the motor.I removed the oil pan an the reluctor was a little dirty so I cleaned it. Still no fuel pump or fire to the plugs. He also said something about changing the timing chain an gears.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 AT 12:18 AM

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