My SAAB 900s 2

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  • 1996 SAAB 900
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My saab 900s 2.3l won't run. I can get it to start and run for a couple of seconds, then it dies as if being starved of fuel. History: for the last few winters, the cold weather caused it to have trouble starting. It was getting fire, yet took many tries to actually stay running. For several tries, rpms would never get over 900 and car would sputter out. Finally after so many tries, something would "catch" (computer related maybe?) And rpms would jump over 1k and slowly come back down to idle and run properly. Changed coolant temp sensor. Didn't help. Warm weather returns, problem gone. Fuel pump died suddenly with no warning last summer. It worked perfectly that morning. Then when I went to start that afternoon, never once did it try to hit. Could cold weather issues have been pump showing signs of failing? New pump worked like a charm. Now winter is here, same cold weather problem. Problem getting worse. Reduced power. When giving more fuel, doesn't give any more power/acceleration. Swapped fuel filter. Now vehicle won't run at all! At least before filter swap, it would start. Filter only goes on one way (bolts are differently diameter. No way to screw that up). Jumpered fuel pump and it comes on. Tried starting car while pump was jumpered/running, same problem. Pulled pressure regulator from fuel rail, seems to have plenty of pressure. No valve on fuel rail to test pressure. MAP sensor? TP sensor? I cleaned IAC valve although I don't see how that would effect vehicle while driving. Also, could there be an issue with new pump not providing enough fuel? Seems as if it delivers enough fuel to start, then after it runs for a few seconds, no more fuel. Any ideas?

Saturday, February 9th, 2013 AT 4:52 PM

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