1996 Pontiac Grand Am


miles hubbard

February, 28, 2014 AT 1:05 PM

This 96 grand am 2.4 had a new head gasket put on it. It never ran since. I have been employed to fix it. First off the timing chain was off a combined about 7 teeth. I set it right and still did not start. Tested spark and found spark plug boots needed replaced. Replaced them and it ran for about 10 seconds then made a metal clunk/grinding noise and I immediately shut it off. Would not start again after this but turns over just fine. I have pulled the head off again expecting bent valves but by looking at them they don't seem that bad. However, they are rusted a bit on the bottom side. Before pulling the head a compression test came back as 3 cylinders having between 30 and 40 psi and 1 with 120. When it ran for that 10 seconds it sounded good. What should I be looking for to get this thing going again? Thanks a bunch!


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March, 1, 2014 AT 6:31 AM

Look for bent valve, remove them from the head and roll on stem you should see them bent. No compression means it won't run.

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