Truck runs fine for about 5 miles

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Truck runs fine for about 5 miles. Usualy by then I am on the freeway. It then feels like it misses. This continues a few times then It will feel like it misses and looses power. I normaly step on the clutch and hold the gas down. It feels like it is not getting any gas. Sounds like a light vroom vroom vroom. All the sudden it will rev up. I will let off the clutch only to fill jolts. Sometimes it will run smooth a little bit then continue. When I come to a stop seems to idle fine. As I excellerate in 1st gear it will do the same all the way through 5th gear. At times I pull over to let cars pass untill it revs up. At times it will seem to correct itself and it will run smooth the rest of the way. I have replaced the fuel filter and the o2sensor. Ran a computer check at Autozone and didnt get anything. Where do I start? Fuel? Ignition? I am at a loss

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 AT 4:55 AM

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