I was messing with christmas lights in this car

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I was messing with christmas lights in this car. I found a DC socket in the back that seemed to be meant to use with the light that was attached to it, and I tried to use an outlet converter to plug the lights in there. I turned the battery on but it wasn't working. Then the car sounded like it was making a really loud leaf blower noise from under the hood. I then used an extension cord to plug the adapter in the front of the car and this time I started the car and the lights turned on, so that was pretty cool. The blowing noise still happens, but the car still starts and all the lights still work, and strangely, the dome light that was broken now works again. But the noise is just really loud and intimidating since it is unusual. Did I break my car?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 AT 4:42 AM

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