Long question/description of issue

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Long question/description of issue.

My car has this squealing noise coming from what I (and the mechanic I took my car to) believe is coming from the A/C compressor.

When the car had a tune up the mechanic said they tightened the belts because they were "loose." That was in the summer. Then winter came along and I had to use my heater and defroster, these actions almost immediately brought back this squealing that came when the defroster was engaged and went away when it was turned off.

I also noted that when I turn my car on in the mornings and let it idle to warm up and turn on the the defroster the squealing would start, but would go away when I put the car in R or D. This squealing also goes away at high RPMs, but comes back when accelerate after a stop sign.

Since the A/C compressor is very expensive the mechanic suggested I disconnect it from the electrical connector to prevent the clutch from engaging.

Your thoughts? Maybe a bad pulley? Should I gamble on a Pick n Pull compressor?

And yesterday I started hearing this knocking sound from the front of the car, I'm not sure if its related to the aforementioned problem but I also notice a burning smell and/or strong smelling exhaust maybe the choke is too far out. I was also thinking about doing a Sea Foam treatment on the gas, oil, and directly into a vacuum line.

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, November 25th, 2012 AT 8:42 AM

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