1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee



November, 30, 2010 AT 5:55 AM

The extended warranty company declined my claimed. I purchased it with 87K and now has 89,885. They send someone to check the car and they told me that it was a pre-existing condition. I told them that I never brought the car to any shop at all. When I purchased the warranty they told me that I need to wait 90days with 1K miles on top of the current mileage. Now they told me that driving the car for extra 1,500 miles cannot damaged the transmission therefore they told me that this is a pre-existing condition and have to declined the claim. And they told me that the ASE mechanic can find out on how long it's been damage. Is this TRUE?CAN YOU DETERMINE ON HOW LONG HAS THE TRANSMISSION BEEN DAMAGED?

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November, 30, 2010 AT 6:21 AM

Unless he's an automotive forensic certified-which doesn't exist in this business-if it is let me know and I'll change my specialty

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