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  • 1996 GMC C2500
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 148,000 MILES

Enter your question. My son has a 96 siera 2500 with a 7.4L, he had a callapsed spring on #2 intake valve. Replaced the valve spring, seat, etc. When we went to put in the push rod we noticed the insert for the lifter wasn't in. Noticed 2 other lifters that were missed up. Pulled upper and lower intakes, replaced lifters all16. Put back together and it wouldn't crank, pulled distributor to change the direction 180degrees even though I know we had it marked right? Tried again and still no start. Pulled distributor to change it back and noticed he had the cap wired wrong, he had the coil going to #8 and a couple of other wires crossed. Put it back together correctly and it still sounds like it's firing wrong. Brought #1 to TDC on the compression stroke and the rotor is closer to #8 then #1.
System is very hard turning over and now the starter won't turn it, even with the battery charger on 200A crank. Put a wrench on the crank and turned it ok so I now need to look at the starter. Some questions here: the Helms manual we used just said install new lifters, rocker arms and push rods and torque to 40lbs, these are roller lifters. Is that procedure correct? The crank and cam position sensors set the timming so by the wires being messed up especially the coil into #8 could this have smoked something in the distributor ie. The hall effect sensor? Where would you go from here?

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Monday, June 13th, 2011 AT 1:14 AM

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