Lately, my cars electrics are playing havoc

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Lately, my cars electrics are playing havoc. At first when I started my car, I attempted to shift into gear when the engine stopped along with a power cut. I then switched the key off then tried to start the engine again, which to my surprise, started with no problems. Now the second time this happen was 2 days later, when I changed my coolant. After cleaning around that area of the battery (which I had removed) then reconnecting it, the power started flicking off and on eraticlly for a few minutes till it came right again. Now its been 3 weeks since that problem occured and has now got worse. Now its happening in every on stage of the ignition. The power flicking off and on eraticly and now it wont start or kick over when ever the power comes right. Now also before this happen, the last 4 days ago, during cold start, the engine would idle rough then come right after 10-30 seconds. Tapping the accelerator to try and smoothin it out coursed a backfire along with the engine stalling. Iv checked the fuses and relays with no problems. My cars engine has had a rebuild 10 months ago by previous owner and runs on LPG only. This might be a bit to much to take in were it could be just a loose connection but your answer to this would mean alot.

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Sunday, January 27th, 2013 AT 12:12 PM

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