I have a 96 Contour Sport that is running rough.

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I have a 96 Contour Sport that is running rough and stalling in park and all through driving range. I have replaced the fuel pump, several fuel filters, coil pack, plug wires, plugs, and rebuilt the injector wiring harness. Sometimes it will start and run fine for a few minutes. Then it seems that the engine is starving out for a second, start to stall, then the rpms shoot up, transmission catches and it continues on. It will do this for several repeats, then run normal another few miles. Also, if I don't shift to Neutral at stops, it will almost certainly stall and take several attempts to restart. I am at a loss for the cause, and this being the daughter's college car, I would like to get it up and running well.

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 AT 2:31 PM

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Is there any codes in the system? We need them

sounds like more of a vacuum leak than any of the other parts you through at it.

You should have someone look at it for you as it sounds like you are frustrated. Get a second opinion then you can repair it with confidence


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Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 AT 2:49 PM

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