96 1500

1996 Dodge Ram



January, 12, 2014 AT 8:34 AM

I have a 96 dodge ram 1500 and it just started giving me some problems. I went to pull away from a stop sign and at first it wouldnt move then it slowly made its way about a 100 feet. I stopped and when I tried to move again there was nothing. The rpms go up but the wheels wont budge. At one point the truck rocked slightly but thats it. I shut it off and started it again and it makes a whining noise untill I try to put it in any gear and it goes away. Something smelt hot but the fluids are fine, engine temp, and no burnt smell in the transmission fluid. I had the transmission solenoid replace about a month ago and they said the tranny was fine. Any ideas? Transmission relay perhaps? The rpms change slightly like normal between gears. Its an automatic by the way


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January, 14, 2014 AT 8:24 AM

Have a trans guys scan for codes see if he can find anything out of the normal.

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