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  • kmalik20
  • 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • automatic
  • 296,000 miles

I have a 1996 chevrolet tahoe. I had a coolant leak and would have to top up fluid ever so often because it would go low in the reservoir, thhought it could be the timing belt water pump so changed that. But still there is a leak as it slowly goes away after a a week or 2 so I top it up.
Now it is drinking the coolant and it is going away quickly, and the car shakes a bit hard while its idle. I got a pressure test done and mechanic said it could be the intake manifold as it shows leaks from the engine.
COuld it be that it is the heater core as well, but then again there is heat coming. THe temperature goes up and down on the needle.
Does this mean that possibly the intake manifold needs to be repaired or something else. If it is the case then I dont think there is a point to fix it now since it has about 296 000km.
Also if I keep topping it up with coolant what is the most I will get out of driving this truck, or will the engine one day just go on me and thats it?
Let me know what you think, greatly appreciated!

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Monday, June 20th, 2011 AT 12:24 AM

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Could be the headgasket, cracked head or block and intake manifold leak-try a quick fix such as thermagasket or steel seal

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Monday, June 20th, 2011 AT 2:11 AM

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