I have a 1996 Cavalier with a 2

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Hi, I have a 1996 Cavalier with a 2.2, 5 speed. The car starts and runs great in a heated shop, and when taken out of the heated shop can drive for hours with no problem. But as soon as the car sits outside in the cold (-10C) for an hour or more, the car will not start!
I've changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, drained the tank, put fresh gas and gas line antifreeze, changed the spark plugs, changed the coolant temperature sensor, taken the computer out, cleaned it, siliconed it, and did the tap test on the computer and the car still runs great. Until its been parked in cold for an hour or more!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanx, Kevin
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 5:57 AM

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If it cranks good but won't start. Have a helper crank it while you visually check for spark at the spark plugs. If the ignition module sits right on top of the spark plugs, it is a little awkard but can still be done. If you have spark everywhere, use a gage and check fuel pressure. If no schrader valve to check fuel pressure, you will have to use a little initiative. If you crack the throttle just a little, will it start?

Can you check for applicable trouble codes? To check codes yourself, at the least, you need an obd2 code reader.
Was this
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 6:23 PM

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