1996 Buick Park Avenue



December, 8, 2012 AT 5:55 AM

Every time I accelerate and/or drive, my car makes a loud and constant speaking/whistling sound. I noticed this Thursday night. Today (Friday) as I drove home, the blue light in my car came on. I am not sure if its a belt, pulleys, both, or something else. (I don't think its the belt thought--but I am not sure) The sound seems to be coming from or around my tires (I'm not exactly sure.) However, I do know that when I press on the breaks (for a stop light or stop sign etc.) The sounds stop for a little bit, but starts right back up when I press on the accelerator. The sounds are very loud and continues the entire time I drive until I shut the car off. Also, when I put my car in gear to either reverse or drive, sometimes it hesitates. When this happens, I usually put the car back into "park" and then wait 30 seconds then it goes. (Maybe this is because I put it into gear too fast and its been colder lately.) People can probably hear my car from a mile away. I turned my heater off (to ensure that the heater was not squeaking.) But its not the heater; its the car. Please help! Thank you!

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December, 8, 2012 AT 4:55 PM

Have your brakes checked it may be the squealers telling you your pads are worn. It would sound like a light screeching sound and stop when you apply brakes.

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