Plzzzzz help this is my first time in forum.

  • 1995 MERCEDES BENZ E220
  • 244,000 MILES

Plzzzzz help this is my first time in forum writing any thing I am in great trouble need help
I am facing a problem at initially car start the rpm is between.5 to 1 and when ever I pressed brake to stop some tym the car it stall and dead.
Then if I immediately start again it wont start I have to wait for 30 to 40 second then it start but same thing repeat again and again most of the time in signal if I stp the car after few seconds it stall and dead.
earlier it was happening some tym but now frequently if I stop the car by pressing break it stall and dead.
I came across a situation if I keep the accelerator at 1 to 1.5 along with pressing break it wont stall or dead so I have to keep the rpm high with the help of break if I had to stop some where.
While driving it is smooth but only when I stop the car it stall.
can you please guide what possible problems I can try some technique from my side if some one can help in with diagram it would be great but without diagram also it will help

Sunday, November 4th, 2012 AT 9:50 AM

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