I left the key in the on position killing my the.

  • 1995 LEXUS GS 300
  • 168,000 MILES
I left the key in the on position killing my the battery. Now the car will not turn over at all. I tried to jump but with no success but while doing so charged the battery. All eletric is working. The blinkers will blink on and off while the little red inticator light by the hazard button blinks as well for a period of time as if the alarm is going off but with no horn. This only last for about a minute then stops. If I open the door or try to start the car, the blinkers start blinking again then will shut off. I have disconnected the neg cable to the battery on a suggestion from a coworker. I have been told to try lock, lock, unlock, unlock using the driver side door might reset this problem but unfortunately the person that owned vehicle prior to myself somehow ruined the lock in the door so the key will not go all the way in to attemp this procedure. Help I have a funeral to go to today and need my vehicle.
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 AT 3:23 PM

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The security system has been triggered.
Try unlocking the passenger door or trunk and using the key to start.
Was this
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 AT 4:48 PM

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