My 1995 Trooper SOHC auto trans which had the.

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My 1995 trooper sohc auto trans which had the engine replaced 3 months ago along with new plugs new plug wires, new timing belt new water pump new air filter new intake manifold new thermostat. Has developed a bad shake at idle this only happens after the engine is completely warmed up and it will shake and run rough then smooth out then shake again then run sooth again. Anyone have this problem before and found the solution or any experts out there could tell me what the most common problems. Please note I am not looking for answers like I got in a previous post where I was told to start with the basics like a tune up when I had clearly explained it just had a tune up that would show you did not read the post. I am looking to find if anyone has had the same problem or has found causes for this also the check engine light has never come on and it seems to have good power and drive smooth only happens when sitting still. Thank you

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Monday, March 4th, 2013 AT 1:51 AM

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