1995 Honda Accord



November, 2, 2013 AT 10:25 AM

The car is a 1995 Honda Accord 2.7L V6 Automatic transmission. The car seems to "bang" into gear as it shifts. The fluid level seems to be in the acceptable range. I feel a real thump when the car shifts gears. It seems to happen in either direction i.E. Shifting up or shifting down. Any ideas as to why it is doing that?

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November, 2, 2013 AT 12:04 PM

Observe if you feel an unusual clunk or thump when you shift between drive and reverse, or when you increase or decrease accelerator pedal pressure slightly at highway speed while staying in the highest gear. If you feel that bumping, suspect a worn engine mount. One of them is responsible for controlling how much the engine rocks when the load on it changes.



November, 17, 2013 AT 7:02 PM

You can check the engine mounts by "power braking" the engine. With your foot on the brake, put the car in drive. With your foot still on the brake snap the accelerator pedal. If you feel a thump the front engine mount is probably torn. Do the same thing in reverse to check the rear engine mount.

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