! So I will be as detailed and clear as I can.

  • 1995 GEO METRO
  • 145,889 MILES
Hi! So I will be as detailed and clear as I can be so that you can get an idea of what is going on from my end.
The first thing that is happening is that when I am slowing down to stop at a stoplight my car turns off. The reason I can tell this is that when I slow down I see that the "check engine", "battery", and "oil" lights all light up so I know that the car has turned off. This doesn't happen all the time.
The first time this happened was when I was driving from San Jose to South San Francisco a month ago (which is about an hour drive) I slowed down at one of the stoplights to make a right turn and when I put in the accelerator it didn't go, I thought that I might have let the clutch out to fast so it died-out on me, I put in the clutch and turned it back on. At the second stoplight it did the same thing as I stopped the car so I turned it back on and it didn't do it after for another week or so.
Second time that it happened was I would say about a 4 weeks ago and I drove all the way to San Francisco from San Jose (2 hour drive going and coming back) for a 5 hour job and I came back to go to my other job back here in San Jose. As I came out of the exit and was slowing down at the exit stoplight noticed that my car had died out, so pressed the clutch to turn it back on and I was on my way. As I stopped at the second stoplight I noticed that it died out as I slowed down for the stoplight because all the lights went on, so I turned the car on again and was on my way and it didn't do it after that for about a week.
This happened to me a third time a week later also driving up to San Francisco and then coming back to San Jose. It died out on me at the same exact exit while I was slowing down and again I knew because the lights all lit up when the car turns off. The only difference this time was that it only did it once and it was okay for another week.
The last time that this happened I went to a job in Los Gatos and was going to my other job back here in San Jose (this was only about a 30 minute drive going there and coming). As I came out of the exit I slowed down at the stoplight and the car died out on me, the only difference this time was that it died out 3 times whereas before it had only done it twice at the most. The other thing that I did was when I got to work that day I slowed down to a stop in the parking lot and it sounded and felt like it would die but it didn't, I did my "test" once more and it died. One thing I did hear was that the motor wasn't idling normally in a smooth fashion instead it was fluctuating and it would go uppppp then go dowwnnn, uppppp, then dowwwnn.
One more thing that I noticed while driving on the freeway was that I could tell after a while when it would die out on me if I slowed. I could tell because every time I would slow down on the freeway for some reason the car would jerk, like the feeling you get when you slow the car too rapidly or when a person is changing gears and they don't get the correct balance from the clutch to accelerator, THAT is what it felt like.
Well, I hope this was detailed enough and you can come up with something from this description. Thanks!
Monday, April 8th, 2013 AT 7:17 AM

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I would start with a fuel pressure test for possible bad fuel pump

Was this
Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 AT 5:27 PM

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