1995 Ford Taurus



July, 1, 2012 AT 3:20 PM

I have a 95' taurus not too sure about this just bought it but its having trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd while going straight or making a left hand turn, it shutters real bad when doing so, then shifts kind of hard. Making a right shifts smoothly no problems, wonderdering if it maybe tranny getting ready to go or possibly a cv joint?Also if you take off real slow while making turns it goes ok just not a quick start off.


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July, 1, 2012 AT 4:52 PM

Start by checking the fluid level. How did you get to a cv joint? They have nothing to do with shifting.



July, 1, 2012 AT 4:58 PM

Already done that was first thing anybody would have done as far problems with shifting as far as cv joint. Just brain storming, if your not going to be productive without being a snob you shouldnt be on here.



July, 2, 2012 AT 1:44 AM

Excuse me? How in the heck am I supposed to know you already checked the fluid level if you're too lazy to say so? Why do so many people keep these details secret? Many people do not know that is the place to start so we have to explain that, and they either say "thank you" or "already did that" without an attitude. How many other steps in the diagnostic procedure did you already do that you don't feel like sharing? Where do you want me to jump in and help you continue from? Why let me explain tests and diagnostic steps you did already? That doesn't help me "be productive". There are entire books published by the manufacturers just for diagnosing transmission problems but somehow you expect me to know what you already did, and since I'm psychic, I can just lay my hands on the computer and know what's wrong. Well, I'm really not that good unless you hold YOUR computer closer to the car!

Brainstorming is fine, but then don't take offense when I tell you why you can rule something out. That is exactly how mechanics approach this type of problem and it makes them more efficient. I would suggest you check the CV joints, and the wiper motor, and all the other things that you're guessing at, and when they don't pan out, repost your question so everyone else can read it and waste time trying to help. No one else will see this thread so they won't be able to offer advice. But PLEASE list what you already did so they don't have to also start from the beginning.

If you check my other posts, you will see I am the only person here who will take the time to type for over an hour on one single reply to help a do-it-yourselfer, so I am not a snob. Just like you assume everyone is going to somehow know you checked the fluid level, you assume I was putting you down. You can make up your own incorrect ideas and pretend they're accurate, but you are wrong. You don't get to read into anyone's reply things that aren't there, and you don't get to assume I'm putting you down. If I thought you were off your rocker, I would have said so.

By the way, was the engine off or running when you checked the fluid level, or will that make you angry that I dared to ask? I guess I just have to assume you did it already and did it correctly, and then with incorrect assumptions I'll send you down the wrong diagnostic path to the wrong conclusion, and whose fault will that be?

NO ONE will take more time and offer more information on this site than me. It is YOU who is hindering your own outcome by not sharing information and then getting an attitude when we have to ask, so don't go looking for other people to blame. Take responsibility, and don't assume.

This is not sarcasm, and I'm sorry if it sounds like it, but the fastest way to a solution, and possibly the least expensive is to take the car to a mechanic. You'll pay the labor but you'll get a reasonably accurate diagnosis, then you can decide if you want to try to do the repairs yourself. I know you didn't mention this, but the least effective and most costly way to diagnose something is by replacing random parts. Now I'm assuming things I shouldn't, but I get the feeling that's the road we're going to be coming to and I don't want to be a part of wasting your money.

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