1995 FORD F-150 LEAK

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After changing my oil and starting the vehicle to look for leaks I found a trickle coming down the upper right corner of the area of the oil filter. I reached down and touched it it was fresh oil Could this be a head gasket? The antifreeze looks fine

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013 AT 12:50 PM

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Cylinder head gaskets rarely leak oil and not after an oil change. If there was no previous leak, check the old filter for the rubber o-ring gasket. If it's missing, it most likely stuck to the engine and you put the new filter over it. That's called "double-gasketing", and we've all done at some point. The old one is going to blow out and cause a major leak.

If the leak was there before, suspect a leaking valve cover gasket or oil pressure sending unit first. Look for the highest point you see that oil.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013 AT 11:45 PM

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