1995 Ford F-150



July, 27, 2011 AT 1:25 AM

1995 Ford F150 2 wheel drive 5.8L engine 120000 mi

Soft brake pedal. My brake pedal suddenly seems to mush down to almost the floor. I have bled the system at least 3 times and no change. If I have to brake suddenly I get full braking power and pedal stays up, but if I brake slowly or ease off the pressure on the brake then the pedal once again mushes down again. Now just today, I get a vibration and I get a sound like a dog giving a moaning howl as I push the pedal down. Desparate for any help !

1 Answer



July, 27, 2011 AT 2:43 AM

Check the brake master cylinder could be leaking internally

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